Learning , Co-Creation and Innovation Platforms

The Masters of Construction Industry Development Management (MCIDM) is a platform for Learning, Co-Creation and Innovation . MCIDM aims at transitional economic development for achieving higher levels of Entrepreneurship Productivity, Sustainable Innovation and Happy Life Years . The MCIDM design goes beyond experiential learning (EL) and problem based learning (PBL) promoting models for learning with stakeholders through Applied Learning  (APL),Participatory  Action Research(PAR) , Action Learning and the establishment of Entrepreneurship Communities of Practice (CoP) as well as Living Labs


MCIDM is built around three mini EMBAs FTL,UTL and  DTL in order to achieve better business ideation, incubation and acceleration.  MCIDM think tank interactions  and co-creation focus on screening, selecting and recruiting 100 project owners with High Impact potential in the area of Sustainable Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship . MCIDM platform Mini EMBAs use a responsive process  built around the project ideas and the idea owners needs enabling the hosting of the most complex multi-disciplinary , multi-contextual, multi-industrial and cross generational learning modules  if and whenever needed in combination with its basic structure .

Goal Setting for Construction Industry Managers:  Penetration rate increase by 1% / year across the Construction and Energy Markets through   100 High Impact Innovation projects/year

Why choose EHDAS RD’s  learning and innovation platforms for knowledge based development ?

  1. The discussion milieu, the tacit explicit knowledge exchange environments are unique .
  2. You teach and you learn for common benefits and win-win solutions. . You may join in once as a learner and come back as a mentor or consultant. The goal here is to keep you involved in the joint development process for sustainability  We carefully select and manage participating teams, help them find their common grounds for best interaction before, during and after the sessions. The goal here is not a one way instruction but a joint problem definition and solution seeking
  3. The material and philosophy in designing these platforms are unique , these are specifically designed to improve the Iranian Construction Industry’s penetration, expansion and development across the industry’s international vertical and horizontal networks
  4. The learning modes , training and mentoring style are for practice, each person will feel he/she is in charge of the learning process. Under the focus provided by the trainers, mentors and  consultant  interaction and reflection on problem definition ,  provides an opportunity for interaction  and keeps the delegates involved throughout the whole training. (No dead spots).
  5. We normally offer catch up learning opportunities be it in the area of language social skills or technical skills while at the same time supporting you with a follow-through facilitation program for putting your innovative thoughts and learning into actual practice, in your own favor and to the benefit of you institute and industry
  6. The course material is written to satisfy the practical day-to-day problems and questions of leader managers for sustainable development in this industry, not the demands of a certification body (which may not relate to the managers actual needs).
  7. Value
    Our platforms, think tanks, courses and modules are designed to give you both an effective theoretical and applied posture with a high focus on accelerating high impact commercialization of your own and your company’s tangible and intangible assets.

We offer a range of tailored to each individual application - including open courses, company specific course, one-to-one consultation, net-coaching and training Audio CD-DVD s. We are able to design specific training programs to exactly meet your individual development needs, while assisting ,the development of your company and the industry.


You may want to consider our one day INTRO workshops at each transitional stage!

MCIDM workshop adopted for Iranian Leaders and Practitioners (Dates : September, February, June)

One of the most important distinctions that separates the successful and the non-successful people in any industry is their level of Goal understanding and Goal focus. Studies show that in defining goals and objectives, the Iranian Construction Industry managers stay limited to predetermined laws of their working environment , consider frames defined by officially announced tenders as ends rather than means for achieving their vision. Followership and Competitor Benchmarking are considered the best methods for determining modes, methods, processes of value adding and pricing-quality determination The industry is marked by low levels of proactive approach to formulation of vision, missions, goals and objectives. This is while sustainability requires competencies in the areas of business concept evaluation, goal-opportunity assessment  , goal-objective formulation, objective communication.

The people who define are able to translate emotionally idealized  pictures into a measurable set of objectives, write detailed plans covering  procedures for creating operational focus and  mobilizing organizational always talk about success rather than blaming their luck, destiny or environment

This one-day training course will help you find a way to make yourself and others more productive, and learn how to clearly define, plan and communicate your goals.

Application and qualification

This workshop is designed for anyone who is looking to improve their ability to get the best from themselves and other people. You may be a manager or a non-manager.

•           Please consult our colleagues regarding your professional development matrix possibilities, pre-entry points , alternative methods for claim certification based on your current or future performance . The pre-qualification /  qualification report will determine points for your:

o          FTL certification (core subjects / foundation training level expertise and life cycle stage)

o          UTL certification (Upstream Training Level embededdness at the Macro /Meso context level) 

o          DTL certification (Downstream Training Level and embededdness at the Micro Level ,meaning the Industry/Market  context)

DTL participants :

•           For non Mini-EMBA participants :  upon completion you will be entitled to a report on your gained competencies to whomever maybe concerned .


Goal Setting WORKSHOP Content

This one-day Goal Setting WORKSHOP is designed to cover the following areas:

•           Develop key skills in developing goal focus, communicating clearly, organizing people, prioritizing work, managing conflict and using self motivation

•           To provide clarity of purpose through clear vision, smart targets and standards

•           To communicate the goal with clarity and enthusiasm through using i.e. language, definitions and intelligent questioning

•           Goal achievement Training: The need to achieve goals can cause friction which can be beneficial or destructive depending on how it is managed. Proper conflict management is therefore important

Additional Benefits of this workshop:

•           You will be receiving points on your scorecard as an Innovation Systems Organizational DNA Facilitator within the framework of our specialized licensing programs (GREEN CARD and BLUE CARD)

•           You will be receiving Whole Life Learning and Life Long Learning points that are transferable across our international partnerships

•           You will feel more confident to select your goals and targets no matter which career life stage you’re at beginning, middle, end

•           You will get the best possible from yourself and others because every action will be directed towards the desired goals of happier, meaningful, more productive life years

•           You will avoid all the perils and costs of having no goal- or being directionless especially during your transitional years across your career stage as an active/retired owner, top executive, middle manager, beginner

•           You will feel happier because you know that success means the "realization of your vision, mission , goals, objectives


The costs of participation vary depending on your category (MCIDM applicant, R&D club member, other). The basic package is set at 120 Euros per delegate-day, which is inclusive of:

•           Full days training

•           teas /coffees, cakes, lunch

•           full course notes, CD’s and DVDs

•           written action plan to take away

•           certificate

•           Plus three months FREE TELEPHONE and Online COACHING to answer any on-going project questions

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