Articles of Association

Summary of the Articles of Association:

The Articles of Association of the Aria Payvand Construction (and Infrastructure) Industry Research and Development Institute -EHDAS RD (Construction and Infrastructure=EHDAS)

Chapter 1 -General Terms 

Article 1: The  Name


The EHDAS RD, Construction (and Infrastructure) Industry Research and Development Institute in the short statute "Institute" is a NPO and non-governmental (NGO) whose founders had been the following four organizations named in the manner of sequence of joining the foundation process respectively 


The Association of Construction Companies, The  Association of the Contractor Companies of Iran, the industrial equipment and engineering companies, the  Association of Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Engineering services , the Association of the Technical and Engineering know-how Exporting companies


Article 2: The Length 

The Institution has been established for an unlimited period. 

Article 3: Place of Registry and Affiliation

The Institute is an independent  legal entity registered in Iran within the

boundaries of the current Articles of Association. 


Article 4 main Head office and Head Quarters 


The Head Office of the Institute at the time of registration is: No.47 (Unit 19, 5th flr.), ُSouth Kherdmand  , Karimkhan Zand st., Tehran-Iran

Phone: 88301335



Any change of address or establishment of branches and representative offices or other appropriate allocation of the activities of the Institute, will be with the approval of the Board of Trustees . 


Article 5 The founding capital


One hundred million Rls which was  immediately  increased to 125 million Rls. 


Chapter II -Main Goals


Article 6 The Purpose 


The purpose of the Institute is the development of the construction (and infrastructure) industry through research and the  management activities related to the optimization and enhancement of effective research for development, training and knowledge transfer, information dissemination and consulting in the specific as well as broad  domains impacting development at the industrial level such as technical and technological , economic, social, environmental and cultural areas. 


Chapter III - Subject of the Article and the Definition of Activities 


Article 7 Areas  and topics of activity


Topics and activities of the Institute are as follows: Research services in all required fields and submission of all critiques and comments of the advisory and management boards influencing and related to the construction (and infrastructure) industry. 


The establishment of research centers, educational and training institutions ( obtaining licenses) .Designing and managing the preparation of educational materials and the application of new internal and external resources to organizations and engineering companies and contractors. Cooperation, participation and utilization of capacities of universities, accredited educational training provided to suit the needs of the industry related organizations and companies in the engineering and construction industries. 


Introducing and encouraging outstanding idea owners and researchers who work in the field of engineering and contracting facilitating the construction industry . 


Cooperation with institutions, companies, domestic and foreign natural and legal persons, and the agencies . 


Supply and Procurement of  research laboratory equipment for the industry . 


Publication of magazines, books, scientific, educational articles, software and computer programs tailored to the goals related to the development of the construction (and infrastructure) industry. 


Chapter IV -Basic Foundation Pillars


Article 8 - The Organization


The pillars of the Institute include: A) The Board of Trustees B) Board of Directors 

C) Inspectors D) Treasurer 


Article 9 - The board of trustees


Members of the Board of Trustees of the Institute shall be elected by the member groups or registered networks (i,e. associations) . 


Each member group introduces  four of its members for a four year period to act on its behalf at the board of trustees.


Note:  At least two of them should be officially and formally members of the affiliate groups' / association's board of directors. The introduction occurs in writing to the Institute. 

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