The EHDAS RD, Research & Development Institute of the Construction (Infrastructure) Industry was founded by the co-operation of the largest and most influential engineering organizations with the ultimate goal of building capacities for improving sustainability and competitiveness of this sector locally and globally, through extracting , coding and translating knowledge to measurable development in a continuous manner.

EHDAS RD sees its role not only as a ‘knowledge integrator’ but also has the mission of “institutionalizing entrepreneurial attitude”,‘sustainable innovation capacity’,empowerment and participatory governance’

The Founders and Sponsors of the Construction Industry Research & Development Institute cover six high impact network governance engineering organizations of the country . These networks represent, serve and  interact within a supply and demand chain of 7 million people. The members of the said organizations include 2000 engineering project-based SMEs. These companies manage the second largest number of workforce capacity in the fields of Construction and Infrastructure Industries

These six organizations are:

1-The Association of Iranian Contracting Companies of Industrial Installations & Equipment

2-The Syndicate of the Construction Companies

3-The Association of the IranianEngineering  andContractingCompanies of oil gas and petrochemicals

4-The Association of Iranian Exporters of Technical and Engineering Services

5- The Syndicate of Iranian Electrical Industries

6- Association of Mass Produced Housing companies.


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